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Naturally Canadian

Carrying on a True North Tradition

When you want 100% all-natural Canadian milk powder, inspired by our heritage, and generated with impeccable quality, choose Trensité. Carrying on the True North’s tradition of dairy processing since French settlers first brought dairy cattle to Canada in the 1600s, we truly understand the needs of our valued consumers. Devoted to helping Canadians grow, flourish, and thrive, we consistently provide new and innovative Canadian milk powder products focused on the health and wellness of incredible individuals just like you.

Made with
Quality & Passion

Rich and Creamy Quality You Can Trust

Passionate people change the world for the better, and this includes our tirelessly dedicated workforce. Committed to providing our customers only the very best Canadian milk powder products, we always stay up to date with industry trends, keeping one eye on how we can make a difference tomorrow.

Trensite Dairy milk

The Rise of Canada’s
Dairy Industry

Québec, Canada

Did you know, dairy farming is one of the largest agricultural sectors in Canada? With Canadian dairy processing known the world over for excellence, strict quality standards continue to maintain and enhance our sterling international reputation. Not forgetting our nation’s strong dedication to good animal welfare practices and environmental sustainability too.

Staying True to
Our Roots

Inspired by Canadian Farming & Dairy

Inspired by our dairy processing forefathers of old, Canada’s modern and sophisticated, multibillion-dollar dairy processing industry began in the early 1600s when French settlers first brought dairy cattle to Quebec. Canadian dairy farming is now unrecognizable from these humble roots. Nevertheless, Trensité is committed to carrying on this True North tradition, spearheading what we call the new era of milk.

The Creation
of Trensité™

The Canadian Dairy Brand with Worldwide Repute

We are a 100% Canadian milk powder company with worldwide repute. Providing natural, healthy, and innovative products, we use local Canadian farms and continually adopt more sustainable farming practices. Providing affordable, accessible, and premium milk powder, this helps all Canadians to grow, flourish, and thrive.

Trensite Dairy

Our Values and Core Principles


Trensité is all about new ideas that shape our future. We keep ourselves up to date with industry trends and are always thinking of creating new and improved products.


We are committed to ensuring the finest quality in all our products. We take pride in what we do and never settle for second best. Working this way ensures that we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our team of passionate and skilled professionals are the driving force behind Trensité’s success. They are committed to building trust and long-lasting relationships within our community.


We draw inspiration from the world around us and take advantage of the natural resources kindly provided by Mother Nature.


We always strive to do better and understand the importance of change, open-mindedness, and progression.