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Trensité™ Dairy is the brand of milk powder that is appreciated worldwide by individuals who are seeking healthy convenience and top quality dairy products. While our products are focused on milk powder, we have many future tasty and nutritious developments coming your way.

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Trensité™ Dairy Milk Powder contains an elevated flavour of milk. Its taste is richer and its consistency is creamier. Milk Powder is manufactured in a way in which all of the natural nutrients and its taste are preserved. The creaminess can be controlled by adjusting the quantity of powder that is used in the recipe.


Add 3 tbsp (30g) of Trensité™ Milk Powder with 1 cup (220 ml) of cold water. Stir well and leave the mixed milk in the refrigerator overnight, for next-day use.
For quick consumption, warm water can be used and stir well.


Mix 3 tbsp (30g) of Trensité™ Milk Powder or with proportions you need to your favourite bread recipe for a delicious smelling aroma.


Blend 3 tbsp (30g) of Trensité™ Milk Powder, or with proportions you need, to your favourite smoothies for added nutrition and flavour.


Make your own butter with Trensité™ Milk Powder! For a detailed recipe, please click here.

“I baked some cookies with this milk powder and the cookies honestly tasted better than if I had used regular milk. The delightful smell is irresistible”

Laura Tremblay – Toronto, ON

“I made this with my favorite fresh fruit strawberry and banana smoothie, and it was so delicious and refreshing! Not only just an added nutrient to the drink and the children absolutely loved it. ”

Jennifer Lee – Richmond Hill, ON

“Coffee game changer! I ran out of milk and saw this in the store, thought I’d give it a shot. The shelf life is longer than fresh milk and much healthier than creamers for a health freak like me! Will definitely be buying again.”

Ed Martin - Calgary, AB

“The package looks really nice and attracted me to grab a bag at the grocery store. I use milk powder for baking and cooking cream soup all the time. The pouch is easy to reseal and able keep it fresh for the taste. Highly recommended!”

Diana Thomson – Vancouver, BC

“Perfect idea for camping to avoid weight and spoilage. It is convenient and easy to mix. Definitely on my family’s camping packing list!”

Ted Anderson – Surrey, BC


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